Save upto 90%

on your power bill


  How does this work?

The solar panels convert

  the sunlight to electricity.

The DC inverter converts it

into AC electricity.

The meter tracks the amount

of electricity generated.

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  How do you benefit?

Make money off your roof


Use your roof to generate

tax-free income


We will visit your site to conduct a

comprehensive assessment and

use that information to provide

you a no-obligation proposal.

Return on Investment

Get your money back in 3-4 years

then free electricity for life

Green Energy

1KW of solar panel saves upto

19,000 KGS of Co2 emission

  Here is how we work.

1. Evaluation &


2. Project details

& Proposal

3. Installation &

ongoing support

We will speak to you over the phone

to answer any questions you may have,

and determine if your location is right

for solar

We will visit the proposed site to

conduct a comprehensive assessment.

We will use that information to provide

you with a no-obligation proposal

We handle the engineering, installation,

and all necessary inspections and

documentation. This means you get to

enjoy your new solar system and energy

savings without any fuss

Evaluation is provided free of cost.*

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